The Brave You | 2017

“The Brave You” is much more than a multiformat art exhibition organized and curated by TEDxBarcelonaWomen. It gathered the artwork of 12 national and international emerging artists who standed for gender equality, redefining bravery and celebrating what makes you YOU.

More than 35 carefully crafted and selected art pieces invite you to unfold the talent and power in yourself and in others. A wide variety of disciplines including photography, painting, sculpture, and digital and textile art, compose a journey that seeks to inspire and empower a world in which everyone is brave.


IMPROSHOW  (Planeta Impro)

Maialen Fernández y Ángel Galán

Ópera en directo

Dresden Ramos y Carlota Porta


Take a look at this album about TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2017 highlights. Discover your brave side!


Katrine Marçal

Katrine Marçal is a renowned swedish journalist and economist based in London who works as correspondent for Aftonbladet, the main newspaper of Sweden, where she writes about the crossroads of politics, economics and feminism.

Author of the provocative and award-winning book “Who cooked Adam Smith’s dinner?”, she stands for a human and feminist understanding of economics that finally sees the value brought by women. Will that be the gift of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution?

María Fernández - Miranda

María is an author and journalist based in Madrid currently doing as Deputy Director of the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan. One day she thought about the questions that we make to women everyday. What is there beyond maternity?

Seven unsuccessful in vitro fecundations and the search of happiness and transcendence led her to discover unknown beings whose stories collected on an exciting book: the “No Mothers”.


Salt & Soul

Carlo Gatta (guitar) & Mónica Mussungo (voice). They are Salt & Soul, a musical duo that delighted us with soul jazz and pop songs in English.

Monica's voice and Carlo's arrangements create a sound mix where each version has its own unique and original character that made all the attendees vibrate.

Maialen Fernandez

Comedian. With a Bacherlor’s and a Master’s degree in Acting and Script from Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, she has been trained with “La Cubana” on character’s creation.

Since 2014, she improvises in shows with Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with 15 years and +4000 national and international shows of track record making people laugh.

Angel Galán Lopez

Comedian. Graduated in Meisner Technique on the JGC program and in Lecoq Technique at Col.legi del Teatre. He worked for 5 years as a clown in an hospital with Pallapupas organization.

Since 2004, he improvises in shows with Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with 15 years and +4000 national and international shows of track record making people laugh, where he also does as Art Director since 2012.

TEAM 2017

Clara Montes

Organizer & Speakers Curator

Elena Queralt

Communication & IT Manager

Michela Balestrini

Partnership Development Manager

Mar De José Homs


Kilian Úbeda

Web Developer & SysAdmin

Marta Perez

Art Manager

Carlota Sabartés

Community Manager

Gina Venero

Community Manager

Lidia Ruiz

Volunteers  Manager

Marta Aguilar

Press Manager

Paola Pazcel

Attendee Engagement

Nil Comí

Graphic Designer

Ricardo Marras

Graphic Designer

José Cruset

License Holder