The Brave Us: the power of us

After a challenging and exciting year for feminism, it has become clear that when we are united, we are stonger and our voices reach way further. The 8M, the #MeToo, the #IBelieveYou (and so many others) demonstrated that we are not alone and that, today more than ever, change is about leaning in and being brave together.
For that reason, from the creators of #TheBraveYou, comes… #TheBraveUs 🔥😎
A TEDxBarcelonaWomen edition that celebrates what makes us unique and powerful together. The passion, the courage, the talent. That unstoppable “us” who dares to challenge ideas and change the status quo. That “us” that makes everything worthwhile and pushes us to go forward, no matter what.
And of course, this “party” is for everyone! Curious and brave men and women committed to gender equality. Peeps ready to get inspired and work together to change everything!

The event will take place at Auditori Imagina Mediapro. Avinguda Diagonal 177,Barcelona.


16:00Doors opening.
16:40Welcome by Clara Montes.
16:50Livestreaming of 1 session of the TED Women 2018 conference from the US.(video in English without subtitles)
17:40 Live music with Gigi McFarlane.
18:00Coffee break.
18:30Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Krizia Nardini: “In search of (the) real men.”(English)
18:45Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Charlotte Webb: “Designing a feminist internet.” (English)
19:00Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Iria Marañón: “Cómo educar en el feminismo.” (Spanish)
19:15Improshow with Maialen Fernández, Ángel Galán of Planeta Impro (Spanish)
20:00Acknowledgment to the team, participants, sponsors and community.
20:15Final networking with drinks, “tapas”, photocall and exhibitions.
21:30End of the event

Find below the details of the speakers & artists!


“Cómo educar en el feminismo” (Talk in Spanish)


Activist and writer. Creator of the blogsite Comecuentos Makers and author of the books Educar en el feminismo and Libera tu carga mental (Plataforma Editorial).
With extensive experience editing literary, artistic and educational books and materials, she is currently developing education projects at McGraw-Hill.
Radical feminist since her time at college, she believes in a world in which we educate in real equality.

Charlotte Webb

“Designing the feminist internet” (Talk in English)


Dr Charlotte Webb is Chief Leopard of Feminist Internet, a group of artists and designers on a mission to advance internet equalities for women and other marginalised groups. She has been interviewed by media organisations including the BBC, Evening Standard, and Marie Claire magazine for her opinions on the internet, feminism and gendered AI. She is an international speaker, and has presented at conferences around the world including Internet Age Media, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Barbados Internet Governance Forum and Online Educa.

Krizia Nardini

“In search of (the) real men” (Talk in English)


Krizia is a researcher and educator on social change, gender relations, masculinities and activism in the information society. Trained in philosophy (University of Siena) and gender studies (MPhil, Utrecht University), she believes in the transformational power of feminist practice. Her PhD about men’s involvement in gender justice activism in Spain and Italy, showed her why and how men decide to participate in this global movement. As an advocate for gender equality and inclusion, she has collaborated with MenEngage Europe, and in 2018, she joined the board of directors of the American Men’s Studies Association.

Maialen Fernández Boncompte

Actuación Improshow por @PlanetaImpro


Comedian. With a Bacherlor’s and a Master’s degree in Acting and Script from Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, she has been trained with “La Cubana” on character’s creation. Since 2014, she improvises in shows such as “Impro Show”, “Impro Horror Show” and “Impro – Fighters” with Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with 15 years and +4000 national and international shows of track record making people laugh.

Ángel Galán Llopis

Actuación Improshow por @PlanetaImpro


Comedian. Graduated in Meisner Technique on the JGC program and in Lecoq Technique at Col.legi del Teatre. After working for 5 years as a clown in an hospital in Pallapupas and since 2004, he improvises in shows such as “Impro Show”, “Impro Horror Show” and “Impro – Fighters” with Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with 15 years and +4000 national and international shows of track record making people laugh, where he also does as Art Director since 2012.

Gigi McFarlane

Actuación Musical


Singer, guitarist and composer born in London, from a Jamaican mother and a German father. After a decade in Barcelona, she is a reference in the Jazz&Soul space, in which she interprets energizing songs of her first solo album “Power”, but also versions of big black music classics. For Gigi, every concert is like a blank canvas to paint along with the audience.