New event!      BARCELONA, 13 December.


Power has been traditionally considered a masculine and elitist force, too many times
associated with shadiness and corruption.


By shaping it ourselves and not the other way around!
But for that to happen, we first need to acknowledge that we all have power, and that
by sharing it with the world, we can resignify it.


We, at TEDxBarcelonaWomen, believe that power can and should be totally different.

Something diverse, inclusive, collaborative, transformative and of course… feminine too.





  • 4 PM

    Door opening.

  • 4:40 PM

    Welcome by Clara Montes, Director of TEDxBarcelonaWomen.

  • 4:50 PM

    Livestreaming of 1 session of the exclusive TED Women 2019 conference from th US (video in English without subtitles).

  • 5:40 PM

    Live music with Ahyvin Bruno, Frank Pereira and Ahylin Bruno.

  • 6:00 PM

    Discovering #SkinIsTheNewCanvas with Claudia Sahuquillo (Spanish).

  • 6:05 PM
    Coffee break and body-painting.
  • 6:35 PM

    TEDxBarcelonaWomen talk. Olaya Aramo: "Dancing until we change the world" (Spanish).

  • 6:50 PM

    TEDxBarcelonaWomen talk. Esther Borao: "We should all be inventors" (Spanish).

  • 7:05 PM

    TEDxBarcelonaWomen talk. Blanca Valdivia: "Designing feminist cities" (Spanish).

  • 7:20 PM

    Improshow with Nuria Espinosa and José Adserías from Planeta Impro (Spanish).

  • 8:05 PM

    Acknowledgment to the team, participants, sponsors and community.

  • 8:15 PM
    Final networking with drinks, “tapas”, photocall, stands and body-painting.
  • 9:45 PM
    End of the event.


Esther Borao


Esther is an industrial engineer specialized in robotics and automation and who is internationally recognised for her inventions, awarded by the European Council, NASA, Adecco, Vodafone and Santander, among others. Co-founder of Innovart, a studio that mixes technology, creativity and education.

Esther has co-created “The Ifs”, a family of educational robots that teach children from 3 years old how to programme, and has co-founded Academia de Inventores, a disruptive school through which she wants to fill the world with little inventors. She was scientific advisor of El Hormiguero (Antena 3), where she created a robot called Moncho and today she is the director of Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón. Unstoppable advocate for the role of women in tech, Esther believes that the world would be a better place if we would all invent it.

Blanca Valdivia


Blanca was born and raised in Móstoles, in the periphery of Madrid, so she spent her childhood surrounded by cars and asphalt. Sociologist, activist and master in urban management and valuation.

She is partner of Col·lectiu Punt 6, a cooperative composed by female sociologists, architects and urbanists committed to rethink urban life and spaces from a feminist perspective, to foster social transformation. Because in Blanca’s words “if the street changes, it transforms you”.

Olaya Aramo


Dancer, researcher and activist. Graduated in philosophy and with a PhD in sociology of gender, Olaya teaches and performs tango queer, contact improvisation and philosophy of gender since in 2010, when she introduced tango queer in Spain. 

From then on and in cities like Barcelona or Paris, London or Berlin, Olaya dances and challenges gender stereotypes. She is a proud member of the Queer Tango Project and believes that, with every dance step, we can change the world.


Ahyvin Bruno


Ahyvin Bruno is a young talent born in Caracas to an italian mother and an african father. Passionate about Cuban music, this singer has been moving people through her powerful voice since she was 5 years old.

In 2014, the complex situation in Venezuela obligated her and her sister to leave the country, starting a new life in Barcelona, where she has been working hard to support and bring her family into a better life. Today, she is co-founder and singer of the group Karamba, composed by 7 women in Barcelona a year ago, which is about to release its first EP. Behind this story of female empowerment we find a strong, charismatic and optimistic girl who never forgot her passion: music.

Ahylin Bruno


Young percussionist born in Caracas and passionate about Latin music.

Fusion of joy and eloquence, this amateur musician since the age of 4 is an enthusiast of congas, her favorite instrument. She is currently co-founder and member of the Karamba group, composed by 7 women in Barcelona a year ago, which is about to launch its first EP.

Frank Pereira


Born in Havana and graduated from the National School of Art and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in the profile of “Tres”, he is also a professor of joint practice. He has been part of several professional groups in Cuba with whom he has recorded several CDs.

He has toured throughout Europe, acting in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy or Denmark among many others. He has participated in major festivals such as The Festival of Jazz in Montreux (Switzerland). He is currently part of the band Alternatimba "Compota de Manana" and accompanies Ahyvin Bruno with his guitar in different formats.

Claudia Sahuquillo


Artist, entrepreneur and feminist. Claudia conceives the body as a mean to celebrate and empower people, and painting, as a way to breaks the rules and transform those who are part of her body-painting experiences.

After painting and empowering more than 1.000 people, Claudia travels the world sharing her own revolution, that artistic movement that she calls #skinisthenewcanvas.

Nuria Espinosa


Comedian. Nuria studied theatre at a musical interpretation school called Memory, in Barcelona, and simultaneously, she founded the theatre company TELL, which produces its own musicals.

Since 2014, she improvises at Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with more than 18 years and +6.000 national and international shows making people laugh. At the same time, she is director and dramatist at the art comedy company Lazzi Comici.

José Adserías


Comedian. With wide experience in performing arts, José graduated in Meisner Technique from JGC and has more than 20 years of experience in the world of improvisation, text theatre, cinema and TV, apart from having given national and international workshops for 15 years.

He is director and creator of the ITC – Impro Training Center Barcelona program and since 2014 he leads, trains and improvises at Planeta Impro, a well-known theatre company with more than 18 years and +6.000 national and international shows making people laugh.


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