Women with their own voice

Apart of the marvelous speakers who will explain what they do to work for equality between women and men, the TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2015 will also be the stage to listen to the voice of women from the artistic point of view through various performances.

El grupo musical Les Salonnières

Les Salonnières

There we will enjoy artists such as Les Salonnières, an artistic collective composed by Celia Prats, Esther G. Mecías and Meritxell Romanos, professionals from various cultural fields, who adopted this name in honor of les salonnières from the XVIII century, women who opened their home salons to invite artists, writers, politicians and all kind of personalities of the time so to be open to knowledge and be seen as wise women, while creating a space for relationship and reinvention. Les Salonnières rewrite the rules of performance with a post-feminist approach in a pedagogical way, and they use intelligent humor as one of the keys to transmit their critical message on the reality around us.

The French folk singer Swann will also be there, a young composer who writes and sings about love and through sweet melodies with an enveloping, voice with an original personality.

La cantante folk Swann

French folk artist Swann

The thing is that women musicians and composers along history, although many times they have been invisible, they do have their own personal voice. In Catalonia, for example, there are several initiatives in line with TEDxBacelonaWomen, intended to shift the balance in the world of music and to present new voices of women.

Thus, on May the 7 and 14 the Festival Aqui canten dones will take place in the Auditorium Barradas l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. The idea of ​​this festival emerged from the debate that was created with the publication in the newspaper ARA of an article by Laura Serra: Altres Silvia Pérez Cruz. Esclat de veus femenines, in which the author speaks of a new generation of women artists, young people, with a talent  and a preparation that previous generations never had. The singers that can be seen in this festival are not known yet by the general audience, although the are all settled down in Catalonia, in spite of ttheir different origins, such as Giula Venosa, Samantha of Siena Carola Ortiz are, and this will be a good opportunity to hear them playing in an acoustic way.

Another initiative is Dona i Cançó, a project led by singer, songwriter and actress Alicia Martel that, besides its own record label, provides a stable platform to meet great female talents of the song through a show created ad-hoc for its presentation and a regular program of shows throughout the territory.

A full commitment to women’s voices will also be seen this June 10 at the Casino l’Alliance Poblenou: Let’s shift the balance! If you do not want to miss your ticket, you can get one or several right now; you have different possibilities, just choose yours!