Women, empower yourself

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, some definitions of power are:

  1. The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way;
  2. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Historically, women have been suppressed in practically every aspect of their life. Being currently the 50% of the population, it is a very hard to understand and assume this fact. Why can’t we be equals? Why should women be suppressed and minimized?

A very touching video by Vogue India and their campaign #VogueEmpower reveal how women have to empower their selves in decisions regarding their clothing, size, marriage, premarital sex, sexual orientation, maternity, choice of partner, among other choices in general. All of these trivial but important facets of life should be decided by each individual, not by their families, society, governments or other entities. These decisions are what makes us who we are, unique human beings.

On the century XXI, the empowerment of women should be a priority for both, women and men around the world. Society in general should be concern when the basic human right of equality and no discrimination are not being met and respected.

In an ideal world, there would be balance. Women wouldn’t have to worry about making their decisions freely because society wouldn’t judge, and most importantly, wouldn’t punish them for their choices.

In an ideal world, everybody, especially women, would be free to think, feel, speak and behave according to their believes and desires without having a negative repercussion from it.

In an ideal world, women wouldn’t need to pay more in the supermarket just because many marketing gurus of these days find ways to inflate the products that they consume.

In an ideal world, women shouldn’t worry about not getting the job because of their sex, for being married or for motherhood. Also, in this ideal world, women wouldn’t have to feel minimize over the fact that males colleagues with the same position and responsibilities are being payed significantly more than them.

On this ideal world, women wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying “manterrupting” in their personal and professional life. A very creative info-graphic from the Time magazine in New York explained “7 ways to combat “manterrupting”.



In an ideal world, men wouldn’t be taught since babies not to cry, because girls do and boys don’t cry (possible link  ) and in this ideal world, a women wouldn’t have to fear for her safety and security if one night her car breaks in the middle of the street. All these are ways to minimizing women and is a practice that should be eradicated to achieve a real balance and gender equality.

On a past post from our blog, we talked about what happens with feminine ambition, and we explained some of the reasons why it blurs away with the years. Societies and company must adopt a most balanced view of the feminine role in all scopes (personal, familiar, professional and as a contributor to the society).

Today’s companies should actively support the gender equity, not reinforce the old and wrong views and perspectives. This is applicable not only to their hiring, promoting and paying policies, but also to their products and the messages that they insert in our societies. An example of a wrong move is the recently line of baby clothing by the spanish brand Zara, which reinforces the sexism through the messages on the clothing for the little ones.

Women we have an important role in this. Through self-conscious, self-awareness and self-confidence, all of these part of an internal work that strengthens their being, we can claim the respect when is absent, we can believe in our capacity, we can make our moves without the need of approval, we can face the sexism and the abuse, report it and walk away from it before is too late.

Help us raise awareness regarding gender equality. On April 23rd, the Tedx Barcelona Women team will be participating of Sant Jordi’s festivity, selling promotional items, tickets to our next event to be held at the Casino L’Aliança del Poblenou on June 10th, and of course, roses. Join us! Be part of the conversation. Let’s #ShiftBalance.