With the focus placed on women


Imma Sanchís

“Only 24% of news stories talk about women in any way. Only 6% of stories highlight gender in/equality. Yet women dominate social media, talking about everything from parenting to politics. Global news media needs to change the ratio and feature more vocies”. This is a statement made by Julie Ross Godar, Executive Editor of BlogHer, one of the many voices calling for a greater presence of women in media, as part of a campaign launched Beijing + 20 this May through social networks. In this campaign, relevant journalists and media leaders explain their views on women in the media and they share their own experiences in the newsroom.

That is because the representation of women in media is far from social reality; only 1 among 4 people whom you read or hear about in the news are women.

For example, in the world of cinema, there are only 21% of women directors and only 31% of the characters with dialogue are women, being these only 23% of the main characters in films.

Thus, in the next edition of TEDxBarcelona Women to be held on June 10 at Casino La Alianza del Poble Nou, one of the main issues is women in the media and how to change the narrative about us so to reflect our true role in society. Some of the speakers to explain their stories around this theme will be: Françoise Laborde, a veteran journalist of French television, Imma Sanchís from La Vanguardia newspaper and Marianne Pearl, an American journalist, managing editor of Chime for Change, a global campaign to unite and strengthen the voices of girls and women around the world.

We as women want to be subjects rather than objects in media, being able to tell one’s own story and believe in one’s own voice is the beginning of being able to advocate for all forms of social change. About how we as women can work in the media space for our stories and explain to the world how we want to be represented, will be discussed by another of the speakers next 10th June, Amie Williams, a restless American filmmaker who has created GlobalGirl Media,  a non-profit which empowers young women from under-served communities to develop and share their voice as citizen journalists.

As Arianna Huffington says in the UN campaign on women and media, “we are already witnessing a global shift towards leadership vàlues and abilities traditionally considered feminine, specially collaboration and empathy. So as more women join and lead the conversation, not just in media but in every industry, the better off we’ll all be, women and men alike”.

Let’s change the story, let’s focus also on women! We can see it and share it next 10 of June in Barcelona. Don’t miss your chance!