Will Barcelona be an inclusive smart city?

Barcelona is the 1st smart city in Spain, the 4th in Europe and the 10th on the world. It is the World Capital of the Mobile and the European Capital of Innovation. Throughout the last years, Barcelona has used technology to improve the quality of life of the citizens and its visitors.

This city is practically packed with large offer of events happening every day and covering all sort of subjects. Of course, technology is not the exception.

With great opportunities come greater responsibilities. This city could be a perfect example of what inclusion, equity and balance look like.

Barcelona Smart City


Silicon Valley (San Francisco, United States) has been on the loop for long time now, mostly for its continue growth of technology companies, however recently, it has been on the news for the very booming cases of sexism, mainly uncovered by the case of by Ellen Pao, who is suing her former employer, the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, for gender discrimination. The main arguments of her sue? Her ex-employer failed to promote her and terminated her employment.

Sadly, this case is not the exception but it’s actually the rule on many companies. Tina Huang was an employee of Twitter from 2009 until 2014. She is suing Twitter over the fact that she witnessed how women, including her, were not considered for promotions and for positions with bigger responsibility.

There is an imperative need of promoting gender equality in companies world wide, and this is a great opportunity for Barcelona to continue to grow and be in the front lines of developing on this sense. Combining professional, technological and economical developments with gender equality is a social-win for any country. This is the gap that hasn’t been solve yet.

For example, In Barcelona we recently had an event of RailsGirls, an international organization which aims to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and build their ideas. The RailsGirls Barcelona event had the participation of TEDx Barcelona Women with a lightning talk done by one of its volunteers, Katherine Burgos, who explained why gender equality is still loading.

The mindset of this event is what we need the most in organizations, companies and societies. Promoting gender equality should be part of the norm instead of the exception. But his, is also the resposibility of every women; to promote equality and claim their rights. In our previous post “What happens with feminine ambition?” we share interesting insights.

In the Age of Unicorns, as Forbes names the currently scenario of billionaire startups and companies, we definitely want to see more women being part of the history. One of the women who has been on the loop is Julia Hartz, co-founder of the billionaire startup Eventbrite . Julia is an example that a women can perfectly dedicate herself to push the growth of a company and balance her personal and professional life, achieving a great success.

But the support to gender equality shouldn’t only happen on the companies, but also society can make a significant change. The change already starts when support is given to a cause. This is the case of the emblematic Casino of Poble Nou in Barcelona, which is supporting the subject by hosting the next event of TEDx Barcelona Women event. By hosting this event, the Casino of Poble Nou is bringing awareness to its popular neighborhood Poble Nou and to the city of Barcelona. This will be a tremendous opportunity for the community of TedxBarcelona Women and to the Poble Nou district to join forces for a great reason: promoting and achieving gender equality.

It would be great to learn that the city of Barcelona, along with its project Smart City, are embracing and promoting gender equality. This would definitely give the fabulous Barcelona another reason to be an example among the cities around the world.