We are sold out!

TEDxBarcelonaWomen is bigger than ever this year and it’s sold out! The event on the 10th of June which will be held at the Casino de Poblenou from 10.00h to 20.00h, is going to be full of high profile speakers who will share their view on gender and shifting the balance. For those who missed the chance of getting their ticket, there will be livestreaming of the event which you can book for free on this site.

So, why is TEDxBarcelonaWomen the event of the year on gender equality and shifting the balance in Barcelona? The answer is that it’s the number one event on this topic because it’s covering all major issues and those covering them, do know what they’re talking about. Investing in women both globally and locally, shifting the balance together or changing the narrative are some of the key topics to be covered at the event.


Investing in women globally is one of the major aims to tackle gender inequality and to shift the balance into a fair society where both men and women share the same opportunities both personal and professionally. Babou Olengha Aaby, CEO and Founder of Mums Mean Business – a crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping female led-enterprises raise the necessary capital needed to start and grow successful and sustainable businesses, will speak about her experience working for the investment of women enterprises and how she has seen a shift in the balance. Similarly, Shelley Burdine Prevost, co-founder of the JumpFund— an angel investment fund focused female-led startups with high growth potential, will share her experience in this field. Journalist Nora Poggi, enterpreneurs Dhiara Condi and  Daniel Epstein; CEO of Global Invest for Her Anne Ravanona, and business woman Ainoa Irurre, will all speak around investing in women at a global scale.

Investing in women locally is also an important topic for change at a smaller scale usually causes impact at a larger scale. Founder of Communication Agency Ellas Decicen (She decide), Gemma Cernuda-Canelles will be one of the speakers on investing in women locally. As first female member of several Spanish Business Associations such as the Employers Association Cecot, and being Vice-President of the EWMD Spain (European Women Management Directors), Gemma will share great insight obtained during her long professional career. Journalist Mercedes Wullich, entrepreneur Didac Lee and the Entrepreneur Panel of Barcelona will also participate.

Shifting the balance together should be on the top of the agenda. Achieving change will be easier and faster if we combine efforts and work together to build a more equal society. To cover this topic during the session, we will have top speakers such as Tom Agnemo, Gerard Porteny Backal, elite basketball player Amaya Valdemoro and renown journalist, Ima Sanchís. Four speakers who certainly know what shifting the balance is all about and how important it is to work together to achieve this.

Changing the narrative might seem like a secondary thing to many, but in fact, it’s one of the key tools to change society. During centuries, the way human being have spoken has shaped society, sometimes more chauvist, others more liberal, but in any case, the way we speak shaped our thinking and our thinking is what will empower us to make a change. Covering this topic we will have the American School of Barcelona on an educational perspective, French TV journalist François Laborde, filmaker Amie Williams, fashion model Patricia Soley Beltran, feminist writer Soraya Chemaly, journalist and author Marianne Pearl, founders of We Are the XX, Kassidy Brown and Allison Rapson, and a surprise guess speaker.

Covering these 4 essencial topics with high profile speakers, the TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2015 is going to be an A class event in the city of Barcelona, joining game-changers from all around the world.

Are you going to miss it?