It’s time to shift the balance!

Diversity helps the bottom line

That‘s what Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie shows us in her TEDxEuston Talk.

It is time to invest in women who manage 85% of purchase decisions and start new businesses all over the world. It is time to change the representation of women in media.

It is time to get men involved in gender equality!

Everyday Sexism

All of us, both men and women, we are exposed to sexism in our daily lives. Sometimes without even being aware of it. The language, ads, movies, toys, sports broadcasts on television or even the signs of the toilets, are telling us the male and female roles we should follow.

On these everyday signs speaks Laura Bates in her blog Everyday Sexism and in her talk at TEDxEastEnd.

Let’s shift the balance!

The event will involve initiatives working against the current imbalance in gender relations. Initiatives in which both women and men propose concrete solutions to deeply ingrained situations.

With humor, taking advantage of new technologies, and speaking from their heart, they will tell you how they are changing the world around them.

AND YOU: What are you doing to balance the world?