Men also get involved

Dídac Lee

Didac Lee

In the same way that there are women who fight for their fundamental rights, there are also men who do what’s in their hands to have women have the same opportunities as them.

The first place to start is at home. It is there that men and women should be equal, where they should be educated to respect each other and where they share values. Another area where we must pay attention is at work. Despite the efforts undertaken, there is still a long way to go. And both men and women are in charge of tracing the path. Therefore, it should be both men and women demanding an equal salary and equal working conditions.

We cannot forget another important component: government. This is where the support of the media, big business moved by the cause is needed.

In the TEDxBarcelonaWomen event, we will have some of those men who want to make a difference and are natural game-changers. Some of them we have already spoken to you about, that is the case of Tomas Agnemo, Daniel Epstein and Anthony Keedi. And then there’s the new-joiners to TEDxBarcelonaWomen, Gerardo Porteny Backal and Didac Lee.

Tomas Agnemo is Secretary General of Swedish Gender Equality for Men. One of those men who have initiatives and seek to improve the lives of men and women through equality. He is also coordinator and board member of the European network MenEngage, a network of feminist and pro-feminist organizations related to the transformation of the concept of gender and masculinity in men of all ages. For Tomas, gender equality is personal, private and political.

Daniel Epstein on the other hand, believes that entrepreneurship is the answer to the sociological problems that may arise today. Epstein is the founder of Unreasonable Group, the initiative willing to create a group of companies that can confront social and environmental challenges.

Anthony Keedi, gender specialist, promotes the involvement of men in gender equality. He is working in ABAAD, a Lebanese NGO that advocates gender equality in the country. As human rights activist for women, he worked in conflict resolution and in raising awareness against gender violence in Syria and Iraq.

But you already knew about Tomas, Daniel and Anthony because we’ve already talked about them. Who we want to present to you now is our recently joining speakers: Gerardo Porteny Backal and Didac Lee.

Gerardo Porteny Backal, on the other hand, is a social innovator and activist for human rights struggle to improve the lives of women worldwide and all ages. During his TEDxBarcelonaWomen talk, Gerardo will explain his experience as founder of several NGOs and how his career led him to found Young Men for Gender Equality, a global coalition for advancing the rights of women that operates in more than 40 countries.

Meanwhile Didac Lee is an entrepreneur who has created more than 15 companies. And as a businessman, he knows the importance of gender equality and value women within a company and the same terms as men can convey.