TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2018 – The Brave Us.

After a challenging and exciting year for feminism, it has become clear that when we are united, we are stonger and our voices reach way further. The 8M, the #MeToo, the #IBelieveYou (and so many others) demonstrated that we are not alone and that, today more than ever, change is about leaning in and being brave together.

At TEDxBarcelonaWomen2018 edition, we celebrated what makes us unique and powerful together. The passion, the courage, the talent. That unstoppable “us” who dares to challenge ideas and change the status quo. That “us” that makes everything worthwhile and pushes us to go forward, no matter what.

It was a party for everyones! Curious and brave men and women committed to gender equality. Peeps ready to get inspired and work together to change everything!

The event took place at Auditori Imagina Mediapro Barcelona.




16:00Doors opening.
16:40Welcome by Clara Montes.
16:50Livestreaming of 1 session of the TED Women 2018 conference from the US.(video in English without subtitles)
17:40Live music with Gigi McFarlane.
18:00Coffee break.
18:30Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Krizia Nardini: “In search of (the) real men.”(English)
18:45Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Charlotte Webb: “Designing a feminist internet.” (English)
19:00Talk TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Iria Marañón: “Cómo educar en el feminismo.” (Spanish)
19:15Improshow with Maialen Fernández, Ángel Galán of Planeta Impro (Spanish)
20:00Acknowledgment to the team, participants, sponsors and community.
20:15Final networking with drinks, “tapas”, photocall and exhibitions.
21:30End of the event

All videos about TEDxBarcelonaWomen2018 will be available very soon.