Do we, women, dedice?

It is worth investing in women; not only because we are half of the talent, but also because diversity benefits businesses. It has been shown that policies of inclusion of diversity in organizations tend to reduce conflicts, generate creativity and innovation and improve corporate performance. Moreover, women-led businesses get a 35% higher return on investment and are 12% more profitable than those led by men only.

Despite this, there are still far fewer women in management positions in companies. Therefore, in the next edition of TEDx Women Barcelona one of the axis will be Invest in women. This also means investing in women entrepreneurs and, as part of the event,  different women entrepreneurs will submit their projects to seek funding. One organization devoted to promoting entrepreneurship among women is Salto con red, that organizes this Thursday the 16th of April,  the first edition of Failcon Women, an event that has as main goal to boost women to achieve their professional challenges.

Another pioneer organization in supporting women’s entrepreneurship is FIDEM Foundation, also a media partner of TEDxBarcelona Women, that, since 1997, promotes the creation and funding of women’s businesses through a program of support, advice and management of microloans to women entrepreneurs. Indeed, next FIDEM’s networking session and dinner, taking place the 15th of April, which is also a network of business women, will star Gemma Cernuda, one of the speakers at this year’s edition of TEDxBarcelona Women.

Gemma Cernuda

Gemma founded in 2001 Ellas deciden by Peix & Co, the first communications agency in femenine in Spain. From her agency, they “feminize” and recoupe brands to suit the tastes, interests and priorities of women. She is also the author of the 1st female branding blog in Spanish, Ellas deciden, and her latest book, Ellas deciden, precisely deals with the purchasing power of women.

According to the author, power is linked with money and with the ability to influence and decide. Thus, an important fact is that 80% of purchasing decisions in the world are made by women. We are the ones who spread the knowledge of brands and products through word of mouth, and the ones who enrich, share and recommend on social networks. A few more facts on the issue are that, for example, 80% of community managers are women; women also generate triple tweets than men and represent twice the followers and, besides, we follow twice as much people than men in Twitter. In addition to that, we spend an average of 12 hours per week connected to social networks, not to mention that they are 60% of Facebook users.

However, most companies still fail when connecting with women, despite our purchasing power will grow by six billion dollars over the next years. According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, the annual income of women workers will grow an average of $ 8,000 worldwide, reaching 18.5 billion  dollars by 2018. It is clear that women have real power as consumption is concerned, a power which translates into “economic power” and that, rightly or wrongly used, can lead companies and / or brands to success or failure.

So, if in fact we do decide, why are there still so many stereotypes about women in advertising and media?

In order to discuss and share ideas on these issues, we expect you to be part of the TEDxBarcelona Women 2015, next 10th of June at Casino L’Aliança del Poblenou. Can’t miss it!