TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2013 – Get men involved in gender equity – Download Brochure

Emmanuelle Duez & Aurélie Sykes Darmon: All we need is men...dada...dadada

Tim Shand: Engaging men in sexual rights for everyone

Justin Reeves: The transition from being just a man to changing the world

Joyce Ngumba: Take gender equality personally

Araceli Segarra: Climbing as a metaphor of life

Stefania Druga:
Boys and girls should play together

Miguel Lorente: El traidor

Susan Fonseca: Half the sky, half the voice?

Noixellie: Aire

Marta Nomen: El respeto como base de cualquier dialogo

Gary Barker: Why Fatherhood is a gamechanger for gender equity

Will Muir: Raising men to end violence against women

Sofana Dahlan: Beyond the label -- the power of Saudi women

Amber Fares: 'Speed Sisters' - accelerating past gender stereotypes in film

Man Ex Maqina: Avahat Hadasa

Man Ex Maqina: The invisible

Man Ex Maqina: Shine