A big thank you!

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It’s been a few days since our big event took place in Casino l’Aliança del Poble Nou and, on behalf of the whole team of TEDx Women Barcelona volunteers, ​​we want to say “Thank you!”.

Thank you for making the event from last 10th of June so special and emotional; without your participation, the event would not have been possible.

Thanks also to those who attended Walkiria Hub Space to see the event in livestreaming.

Thanks, of course, to the sponsors, patrons and media partners, without you the event would not have been possible either.

And thanks to everyone for the dissemination, support and comments through all our social networks.

We also want to thank you for having supported and followed our blog throughout the season. For those who could not attend or those who want to remember it,  we can announce that, in short, from the TEDx Women Barcelona blog ​​we will tell you everything that we lived in the Casino L’Aliança through a chronicle of the event.

So, stay on line, because we will soon be back again; although the event is over, the TEDx Women Barcelona blog will remain active, and we’ll be sharing news, projects and interesting information about gender equality.

Let’s shift the balance!



We are sold out!

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TEDxBarcelonaWomen is bigger than ever this year and it’s sold out! The event on the 10th of June which will be held at the Casino de Poblenou from 10.00h to 20.00h, is going to be full of high profile speakers who will share their view on gender and shifting the balance. For those who missed the chance of getting their ticket, there will be livestreaming of the event which you can book for free on this site. Read More


9 habits that women should quit

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It is incredible that there still the thought that women still don’t have the power of taking the control of our life. We know that society shapes a lot the character of people; the things that are “acceptable” and the ones that are “unacceptable”. These appreciations many times are defined by ancient traditions, most of which are impregnated by patriarchy. taboos and inequality.

Here we want to share with you 9 habits that make women weak, but which we can control as they are decisions that we make day by day.

Read More

Europe’s V Day

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May is an important month for Europe. A day in May back in 1945, the great war that had the whole world involved and put Europe at stake, came to an end. This year, seven decades later, the whole world remembers that date that changed the course of history. Read More

Women, empower yourself

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, some definitions of power are:

  1. The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way;
  2. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Historically, women have been suppressed in practically every aspect of their life. Being currently the 50% of the population, it is a very hard to understand and assume this fact. Why can’t we be equals? Why should women be suppressed and minimized? Read More

Do we, women, dedice?

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It is worth investing in women; not only because we are half of the talent, but also because diversity benefits businesses. It has been shown that policies of inclusion of diversity in organizations tend to reduce conflicts, generate creativity and innovation and improve corporate performance. Moreover, women-led businesses get a 35% higher return on investment and are 12% more profitable than those led by men only. Read More